Viqthor is a high technology company around RF, Microwaves, Photonics applied to the Quantum Physics world.

A typical application where RF & Microwaves matter is in Quantum Processing where most Qubits are controlled and Read by microwave pulsed signals or arrays of frequencies in order to manipulate cold atoms.

Our background goes back to the 90’s when spectral purity, accurate timing became more and more important for Radar, Telecommunications and Atomic clocks applications.

Fro DC to 140 GHz, our experience led us to the limits of thermal noise, complex IQ calibrations and pre-distortions at the service of worldwide customers like Northtop Grumman Corporation, Raytheon, Thal├Ęs, ISRO, Boeing, NASA, IAI and many more.

We look forward helping you out on your tough subjects, ViqTHOR is here to help you nail it down !